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Recipe: Appetizing Cucumber Raita/Kheera Raita

Cucumber Raita/Kheera Raita. Cucumber raita is a popular savory condiment dip made with cucumber and curd (yogurt). It is simple, refreshing, and cooling to the palate. Use fresh tender cucumber and not ripe ones as they do have tough seeds and taste sour.

Cucumber Raita is a variation of raita that can be used as a dip or a salad. It is made by mixing together freshly chopped cucumber, green chillies, and dahi (yogurt), and optionally finely chopped tomato and onion. It is especially popular in the summer months as it helps to beat the heat. You can have Cucumber Raita/Kheera Raita using 6 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cucumber Raita/Kheera Raita

  1. It’s of Cucumber.
  2. You need of Whisked cold curd.
  3. It’s of Roasted Cumin powder.
  4. You need of Black salt.
  5. You need of Black pepper.
  6. It’s of Red chilli powder – 1pinch for sprinkle.

Cucumber Raita is a delightful refreshing side dish and compliment to any meal. Raita is made so many ways, but the main ingredient is always the Cucumber raita is one of my favorites especially during the summer. This is a quick and easy recipe. I also like to serve cucumber raita as a spread or.

Cucumber Raita/Kheera Raita instructions

  1. Take Cucumber.
  2. Wash properly and peel.
  3. Grate Cucumber.
  4. Take whisked cold curd.
  5. Add grated Cucumber with whisked cold curd.
  6. Mix well and add salt and pepper.
  7. Garnish with sprinkle cumin powder and red chilli powder.

Cucumber raita is usually known as kheera raita and is mostly served in wedding ceremonies along with spicy rice delicacies or tastes good even with plain rice… The kheera is usually eaten as it keeps us cool and in summers we find cucumbers everywhere and they are usually eaten by sprinkling salt. Raita is an important food item. It not only makes the simple white Curd delicious, but also helps in digestion. Cucumber has a cooling effect and when taken with curd serves the purpose Ingredients to make Cucumber Raita (Kheera Raita). Cucumber raita recipe- a yogurt based side. one of the quick & easy raita to accompany a biryani or pulao.

By Joanna Regbert

For Granma, I Love Cooking for Granma Recipes.

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