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Recipe: Delicious Carrots and cucumber dip

Carrots and cucumber dip. This search takes into account your taste preferences. Learning how to make delicious sauces and dip is a great skill to have. Here a simple recipe of carrot and cucumber sweet dip that you can make.

A variation on the classic Greek tzatziki. Keyword amazing dip, cucumber dip, cucumber dipping sauce, cucumbers, dill, dill weed, dipping for carrots, dried dill, onions, quick dip, seasoning, simple dip, sour cream. Follow us and never miss a new recipe @SaltySideDish. You can cook Carrots and cucumber dip using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Carrots and cucumber dip

  1. You need of Carrot.
  2. You need of Cucumber.
  3. It’s of For the dip:.
  4. You need of yoghurt 1 tblespn.
  5. It’s of ketchup 1tablespn.
  6. Prepare of lemon.
  7. It’s of salt and pepper for tasting.

You'll find this simple, refreshing Cucumber and Dill Dip in many Mediterranean dishes like Gyros or served with pita wedges. Peel, seed, and grate one cucumber. Arrange tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and carrots on a colorful platter. You can experiment with flavours in the cucumber dip – try adding a clove of chopped garlic and a tbsp of lemon juice.

Carrots and cucumber dip step by step

  1. Cut the carrots and cucumber depending on your choice. (Mine I always cut horizontally).
  2. For the dip, mix yogurt, ketchup and squize lemon juice in a small bowl and sprinkle salt and pepper for tasting.

We were frequent flyers there and I liked their miso dip so much that I asked for the recipe. I was rewarded with a little piece of paper on which was written the ingredients but not the quantities. In the true spirit of intuitive cooking I'll also pass along the basic ingredients and method and then leave it up. Ingredients: CARROTS, CUCUMBER,CREEK YOGURT DIP (NON FAT GREEK YOGURT [CULTURE SKIM MILK, MILK PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, CORN STARCH, TAPIOCA STARCH, CARRAGEENAN GUM. This is a really simple and flavourful dip.

By Joanna Regbert

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