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Recipe: Delicious Green bean sweet rice w/ egg plus seaweed

Green bean sweet rice w/ egg plus seaweed. Sautéed rice noodle,egg,scallions,bean sprouts with sweet and sour sauce topped with roasted ground peanuts. Add kimchi, green onion, garlic, gosari, mung bean sprouts, pork, egg, kosher salt, ground black pepper, and toasted sesame oil. You can cook Green bean sweet rice w/ egg plus seaweed.

The hokkien mee, fried rice, sweet and sour mushroom rice, ban mian etc. are really tasty! Characteristics: Seaweed and egg soup has attractive color, refreshing taste and delicious, fragrant and yet not oily. One of the common soups in any Chinese family, the seaweed (laver) and egg soup is a simple but delicious soup with salty but yet fresh taste. You can cook Green bean sweet rice w/ egg plus seaweed using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Green bean sweet rice w/ egg plus seaweed

  1. You need of sweet rice.
  2. You need of green bean.
  3. Prepare of green onions.
  4. You need of egg.
  5. You need of toasted seaweed.

Cartons rice stick MM h. s. code seasoning sauce green cap h. s. code invoice no. Seasoning Sauce Rice Noodle Soy Bean Paste Bean Tread Vermicelli Pad Thai Sauce Plam Sugar Chili Sauce Thai Coffee. See more ideas about green bean recipes, green beans, vegetable dishes. · These Barbecue Green Beans make an amazing side dish for special occasions, get togethers, or any weeknight meal! Has intense flavour so you won't miss the sauciness of usual stir fries.

Green bean sweet rice w/ egg plus seaweed instructions

  1. First, I cooked the sweet rice and green bean. As telling you before, green bean was soaked in the water over night. Then, mix green bean,sweet rice and add water over them around 0.5 inch. Please don’t forget add 1 tsp of salt. (I love pink Himalayan salt). Boil it at high temperature in 10 minutes, then reduce temperature until well done. Sweet rice takes around 30 minutes to cook to make sure not too wet. Please be careful stir the pot couple times while cooking to not burning it..
  2. While I am waiting for sweet rice, I prepare egg. First stir the egg and fry it on the pan. Then, cut toasted seaweed into small pieces and put them on the top of the eggs. After cook done, cut the eggs into small pieces..
  3. With green onions, fry it with 1/2 tsp vegetable oil. This step takes less than 5 minutes. Green onion is taster if it is not too long time cooking. Wait it cool down, add 1 tsp of olive oil..
  4. With nuts, grind them and add with toasted white seasame (optional).
  5. Now it is ready to eat. Please don’t forget add 1/2 tsp soy sauce on the top before enjoy it. If you eat vegan food, you can reject eggs..

Mix it up with rice then. Fresh green beans are coated with a soy sauce, honey, garlic mixture that is sure to wake up your taste buds! I've made it for all kinds of veggies! (Green beans, asparagus, green peppers etc.) Last night I had left over egg noodles so I cut up some green pepper and carrots and tripled this sauce. fish cake, boiled egg, green bean, scallion, bean sprout, fried onion, nori seaweed and bamboo Beautiful Burrito. Rice, seaweed salad, raw tuna tataki, crab meat, fried onion, with poke sauce, and Vegetable Ramen. Tofu, asparagus, green bean, scallion, bean sprout, fried onion, nori seaweed. green seaweed bring a novelty factor to your culinary adventures while adding much-needed nutrients.

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